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Projector Lamp Clinic "A house of Multi brand Projector Lamp Solution" is the number one choice for replacement projector lamps and bulbs. Holding hundreds of replacement projector lamps in stock, Projector Lamp Clinic is able to supply every replacement projector lamp for every model of projector ever made.

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We are always ready to assist our customers regarding projector lamps problems. We are best-quality manufacturer of projector lamps so we assist our clients in every issue.

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90 days guarantee is given on all brands of projector lamps by PLC. We give full manufacture guarantee on our projector lamps.

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Standard of our projector lamps can be measured to know excellence of our projector lamps. We believe in offering quality product so be faithful.

Lamp Recycle

Recycling is very essential to reduce environmental pollution by recycling process mercury waste of lamps can be reduced. It helps us to bring sustainable development of environment.

Wild Range

Wild ranges of projector lamp models are available in our inventory to satisfy needs of our clients. We are always ready to meet needs of customers.

Projector Lamps

PLC projector lamps are used in home theaters, academic projectors and in business projectors our all lamps are well adjusted in all types of projectors.

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Yes , you are right . the brightness after component level cleaning is awesome. Now i will suggest to you all projector users pls do component level cleaning every change of lamp. it increase brightness , color quality and increase the life of projector . Thanks Projector lamp clinic

Fast Moving Products


PJD5133 projector lamp is a real and economical projector lamp. It is a lamp with module. Many designs of PJD5133 projector lamps are available at projector lamp clinic. These lamps are easily accessible to customers. Many designs of this projector lamp are used in corporate projectors, cinema projectors and in other types of projectors. Colors qualities of these projector lamps are dazzling, these lamps can be installed and maintained easily. Operating hours of our projector lamps are 2,000 hours.


TDP-XP1 projector lamp can be used as a replacement lamp for many models of projector lamps. It is a lamp with module. We have a bulk range of this model. Full guarantee is given on these lamps by PLC. These projector lamps are made from original material. Operating hours of these lamps are 2,000 hours. All designs of this lamp are adroit. TOSHIBA TDP-XP1 lamps are easy to repair and recycle. These lamps have dust resistance qualities and projection colors are blazing.  


50XLF50 projector lamp is a bizarre projector lamp. It is a lamp with module. Brilliant colors quality of this lamp is satisfying. Mitsubishi 50XLF50 projector lamps of different watts are available in our inventory. Many models of these projector lamps are used in different types of projectors, like in corporate projectors, cinema projectors and in other types of projectors. Operating hours of these lamps are 2,000 hours. These are adroit bulbs and can be easily to installed. We give full guarantee on these models. These are also used as a replacement lamps for some selected projector lamps. Our projector lamps are affordable and original. MITSUBISHI projector lamps are amazing.

3M DT00301

MP7640 projector lamp is a prominent projector lamp. All designs of this projector lamp are authentic and modest. Constructed by the high technique, and well adjusted to different kinds of projectors. This projector lamp model is used as a replacement lamp for many models of 3M projector lamps. Marvellous projection colors of this projector lamp are pleasing. Operating hours are 2,000 hours. We have bulk range of lamp designs in our inventory. Full guarantee is given on these lamps by PLC. Our 3M projector lamps are made from veritable contents and these can be recycled or repaired easily. Full guarantee is given on 3M projector lamps to delight our customers.